Every year GET ENERGY PRIME ITALY dedicates a portion of its turnover to the feasibility study of new technologies to create increasingly efficient and automated systems.
The two particular systems that characterize all GET ENERGY systems and that distinguish them from other systems are:
a thermal heating system without using fuels or fuels necessary for the practice of pyrolytic process and at the same time avoiding large quantities of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere;
a sophisticated “continuous” discharge system of the inert solid residue of the process allows the plants to work 24 hours a day, with a significant increase in annual production and significant energy savings. This increase was estimated at around 40% compared to other existing plants manufactured with traditional systems, now obsolete.
All the systems manufactured by GET ENERGY PRIME ITALIA, are CE compliant and comply with all the most restrictive ATEX conditions with the addition of fire prevention measures included to better guarantee the safety of the operators and of the plant itself.
The operator’s activity on the machine is really reduced to the minimum thanks to the most complete automation system patented by GET ENERGY, which allows the operator to be involved only in a control activity.