Company Profile

Get Energy Prime Italia was founded in 1996 as Get Energy Research (Research Centre) and from the beginning it has always been focused on Research and Development of new energy sources, in collaboration with the research and study centre of the University of Warsaw (Poland) and Horus Energia S.p.A (Italy) (www. Founded with private capitals, thanks to its long experience and expertise Get Energy has recently obtained funding from the European Community to build the “Pneus Gineo” tire waste (End of Life Tires or ELT) processing plant and operate it as demonstration unit in the industrial area of Rieti. Our philosophy is to be an important and reliable partner of industries and businesses operating in the international energy sector. The mission of our R&D department is to design a processing plant based on a technology that safely and economically transforms rubber tires waste in valuable by-products which can provide an attractive return on investment. We believe that ELT waste, whose accumulation and storage pose complex environmental issues, can, through the pyrolysis process, not only bring an economic advantage to the operator but be an environmental success story as well.